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FARO Zone 3D Area of Origin Tools with Handheld 3D Data

Quan Le & Eugene Liscio

Abstract: This study investigated the use of low-cost 3D technologies for bloodstain pattern analysis. A DotProduct DPI-8 with PHI.3D software and Eos Systems’ PhotoModeler software were used to document a bloodstain impacted surface. FARO Zone 3D is a software package that includes tools for digital area of origin analysis. A total of ten impacts were projected onto two orthogonal walls. When used for analysis, the 3D models created using DotProduct resulted in a distribution of total errors that had a minimum of 2.69 cm, first quartile of 3.69 cm, median of 5.26 cm, third quartile of 7.29 cm, and maximum of 17.01 cm. With PhotoModeler, the distribution of total errors had a minimum of 1.41 cm, first quartile of 2.45 cm, median of 5.16 cm, third quartile of 7.00 cm, and maximum of 11.05 cm. The study found the errors associated with both technologies to be not statistically different from one another and were within the literature standard for analysis.


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