Shooting Incident Reconstruction I

Dates: 02-06 December 2019
Location: Omaha NE. Police Department
Offered By: Bevel, Gardner & Associates
Instructors: Jonathyn Priest
Contact: Craig Gravel
More Info:

This course of instruction provides the experienced detective or crime scene investigator with the skills necessary to recognize and properly document the unique attributes of a shooting scene, the dynamic relationship between the scene and the injuries received by the victim(s), as well as the analytical skills necessary to reconstruct the scene to potentially determine position of shooter(s), victim(s) and critical evidence as well as sequence of events. These skills may be employed during active investigations to determine the likely sequence of events and positions to analyze victim, witness and shooter statements to determine veracity and develop investigative leads as well as to develop a product and basis for testimony during criminal or civil judicial proceedings.

TERMINAL PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE: The investigator, when presented with a shooting scene, will be able to properly document the scene for evidence of firearms discharge, bullet impacts, and wound dynamics on victims for analysis and reconstruction of the dynamic events to include victim position, shooter position, range of fire, trajectories and indications of dynamic movement during the incident.