Shooting Incident Reconstruction 1

Dates: 1-5 August 2022
Location: Tulsa Police Training Center
6066 E 66th St. N.
Tulsa, OK 74117
Offered By: Everett Baxter Jr Forensics, LLC
Instructors: Everett Baxter
Contact: Everett Baxter Jr.
More Info:

The documentation of a shooting incident may allow for additional investigative information to be identified, such as the parameter of where the shooter and/or victim were at the time of the shooting. Students will use the techniques taught in the shooting incident documentation course to perform various exercises to collect the necessary documentation of the shooting incident, then will take this data and examine the data in an effort to reconstruct the incident.

This information, if properly documented may be used at a later date as part of a shooting incident documentation / reconstruction or complete crime scene reconstruction. A shooter may indicate they were in a particular location when they fired a shot or shots. Their information by initially indicate a self-defense or accidental situation. Simple examination of the bullet defects may seem consistent with such information; however the shooting incident reconstruction may prove differently. The students will learn the documentation required of each bullet defect within a shooting scene. The students will also be provided the scientific and mathematical tools necessary provide an analysis of the shooting incident.