Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Fabrics Course

Dates: 22-25 February 2021
Location: Lakewood, CO. Police Department
Offered By: Bevel, Gardner & Associates
Instructors: Tom "Grif" Griffin
Contact: Craig Gravel
More Info:

This course of instruction is designed for analysts who conduct examinations of bloodstained clothing and fabric items. The course should illustrate to the student basic principals of bloodstain pattern analysis and the practical application of the discipline as it relates to fabrics and cloth to actual casework. The course syllabus is not intended to create an “instant” expert.

Upon completion of the course the student should:

• Recognize and describe the utilization of bloodstain pattern analysis in investigations and its inherent limitations when faced with fabric substrates.

• Identify key bloodstain patterns and demonstrate the ability to recognize them on a fabric substrate and the mechanism by which they are created.

• Demonstrate the ability to operate in a bio-hazard environment.

• Demonstrate the ability to effectively recognize, isolate and document bloodstain patterns.

• Demonstrate the ability to evaluate bloodstained clothing/fabrics.

• Demonstrate the ability to apply the scientific method to bloodstain pattern analysis.