Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Dates: 4-8 October 2021
Location: Nashua Police Department
28 Officer James Roche Dr
Nashua, NH 03062
Offered By: Graff Investigative & Forensic Training
Instructors: Iris Dalley and Gary Graff
Contact: Phil Sanfilippo,Tritech Training
More Info:

Comprehensive and accurate analysis of bloodstain evidence can significantly contribute to the reconstruction of a violent crime. This 5-day (40 hour) course, approved by the IAI Crime Scene Certification board, is for detectives, crime scene investigators, crime scene technicians, and others involved in crime scene analysis. Through both lecture and practical exercises, investigators learn and practice accepted methodologies for identifying, documenting and classifying bloodstain patterns. The fluid dynamics of blood and the association of bloodstain characteristics with the actions that caused them are explored. Instruction also includes terminology, basic bloodstain math, area of origin determination, contextual bias, and basic reports. Case studies reinforce key concepts. Course content follows criteria prescribed by IABPA for the basic 40 hour course.