There are seven types of membership:

  1. Regular*
  2. Provisional
  3. Charter*
  4. Honorary
  5. Supporting
  6. Distinguished*
  7. Fellow of the ASCR*

* voting members

Qualifications for Membership

There are two types of qualification an applicant must meet to be accepted as a Regular Member:

A. Experience and Present Duties

Applicants must be currently actively engaged in the field of crime scene reconstruction or investigation and have at least three years of experience in this field. A substantial portion of an applicant’s work must include one or more of these duties:

Reconstruction of Crime Scenes; Investigation of Crime Scenes; Interpretation of Physical Evidence; Collection and/or Analysis of Physical and Other Forensic Evidence.

B. Recommendations From ACSR Voting Members

In addition to the above requirement, an applicant for Regular Membership must also submit:

Two letters of recommendation from current ACSR voting members in good standing who can attest to the applicant’s qualifications.


One letter of recommendation from an ACSR voting member in good standing and proof of membership in an approved related organization. (Examples: American Academy of Forensic Sciences, International Association for Identification, etc.)


One letter of recommendation from one ACSR voting member in good standing and a letter of recommendation from a state, federal, or other governmental law enforcement, forensic, or criminal justice agency (such as Chief of Police, District Attorney, Prosecutor, Attorney General, or Judge, attesting to the qualifications of the applicant.)

Other Membership Types & Qualifications

Provisional Member

Provisional Members are not Voting Members. There are two types of Provisional Memberships:

A. Applicants who meet the above requirements except for the required written recommendation(s) from ACSR Voting Members in good standing may, upon the recommendation of the Membership Committee, be accepted as a Provisional Member (PM) for a period not to exceed one year from date of acceptance.. A PM may apply for promotion to Regular Member status if, during that one-year period he or she is able to obtain the required recommendation from an ACSR member and/or obtain a Qualified Rating from ACSR Case Reviewers. If the PM is unable to obtain either the Voting Member recommendation or the Qualified Rating from his or her case presentation, he or she must re-apply for membership.

B. Applicants who are currently working in the field of crime scene reconstruction or investigation but who do not have at least three years experience may, upon recommendation of the Board of Directors, be accepted as a PM for a period not to exceed three years from date of acceptance.

If you would like to apply for membership, be sure you understand the requirements, then complete the application form.

Note: Applicant names and affiliation must be published in the ACSR Newsletter or posted on the Members-Only section of this website and then voted upon by the Board of Directors. The membership process usually takes several months; please be patient. If you need to know your status, contact the membership chairperson.

ACSR Membership Application Form