2022 ACSR Journal

Determining the Accuracy of Area of Origin for Impact Patterns Found on Horizontal Surfaces

Open Access

Jessica Reynolds & Eugene Liscio

Abstract: This research analyzed the accuracy of area of convergence and origin determinations for impact bloodstain patterns found on a horizontal surface. This study was completed by using the bloodstain tool in the FARO Zone 3D software in order to understand the errors associated with an area of origin analysis. Two data sets of impact patterns were created using a wooden piston travelling at 1.19 m/s downward and 2.36 m/s downward. For each data set, five impacts were created at heights of 10, 20, and 40 cm. For each impact, a minimum of 50 elliptical stains were analyzed in FARO Zone 3D. The latitude, longitude, and elevation positions of each area of origin were recorded. The total 2D and 3D errors were calculated for all trials. Relationships between impact velocity and total error, as well as impact height and total error found the elevation position to be the main factor influencing the accuracy of area of origin.

PDF: 2021-Determining-the-Accuracy-of-Area-of-Origin-for-Impact-Patterns-Found-on-Horizontal-Surfaces-Reynolds