2009 ACSR Conference

2009 Conference Abstracts

Kenton Wong Abstract: A case study whereby crime scene reconstruction and the examination of physic[more]

Matthew Noedel, Noedel Scientific Abstract: This four-hour workshop addressed the importance of usi[more]

Special Agents Chris Skillman and Miles Gooderham, FBI Abstract: This class was designed to familia[more]

Kenton Wong Abstract: A case study that utilized the multi-disciplinary approach of crime scene rec[more]

Dr. Diane France Abstract: This workshop educated the student on the differences between human and [more]

Michael S. Maloney Abstract: In November of 2006 a roadside bomb exploded in Haditha, Iraq. The det[more]

Iris Dalley Abstract: Forensic animation is a tool for displaying and explaining evidence in ways t[more]

Lieutenant Jonathyn W. Priest, Denver Police Department Abstract: When a peace officer discharges a[more]

Michael S. Maloney Abstract: This workshop was geared towards forming a framework that allows those[more]

Matthew Noedel, Noedel Scientific Abstract: The “CSI effect” has created an expectation by juro[more]

Guy Pierce Abstract: This workshop was designed to give the attendee the opportunity to get some ha[more]

Tom Bevel Abstract: A case study of an officer-involved shooting case in which experts disagreed on[more]

Ross Gardner Abstract: This four-hour workshop discussed aspects of effective report writing for bl[more]

Tom Bevel Abstract: This workshop taught the students various aspects of bloodstain pattern analysi[more]